diep~haven commission

In July 2015 Lost Property were commissioned to organise an opening event for the UK side of Festival Transmache d’Art Contemporain, the cross channel arts season organised by French group diep~haven. Through performances, installations and exhibitions the festival explores themes of movement, borders, social and environmental landscapes and forgotten histories, linking northern France and the south of England.

Not often ones to think conventionally Lost Property responded by enrolling masked and robed improv troupe Thee Bald Knobbers, joined by counterparts Thee Hairee Kunts, to meet festival goers as they walked off the ferry from Dieppe to Newhaven. So ensued a noisy ritualistic procession through Newhaven and towards the fort where diep~haven had various exhibitions set up for the next month. Upon entering the fort the group took visitors on a ‘beating the bounds’ inspired route around the fort’s perimeter, settling in the middle of the grounds for the final section of the performance.

Video footage captured by Carl Anderson

Photos by Sarah Michel.