Lost Property is made up of artists, event organisers and publishers, as follows:


Club Zygotic have put on over 20 Splitting the Atom all-dayers – these have been a lightning rod for experimental music, espousing a firm ethos of grass-roots DIY acts occupying the same space as established artists.

Spirit of Gravity have been supporting electronic music from the fringes for 13 years.

Safehouse have spent a decade building their reputation as one of the UK’s foremost free improvisation workshops, as well as hosting a range of national and international artists.

At The Coach House is a community hub for dance lessons, herbalism and bee-keeping, and is also beloved by musicians as the best venue in Brighton for quiet music.


Agata Urbaniak

Hanged Man Films


Eleusinan Press is dedicated to giving a platform to voices outside of the norm, including writing on esoterica, psychogeography, mental health activism, confessional poetry and a raft of intelligent writers otherwise excluded from academic writing.


Daniel W J Mackenzie writes dramatic and conceptual music with treated instruments and various sonic processes. He also creates abstract sound sculptures for installation.

Lorah Pierre operates as a mobile educator, lecturer and learner conducting workshops in mechanical hardware and audio electronics. She also works within experimentation in hardware electronics, material and sound.

Joshua Legallienne is a musician and conceptual artist who explores extremes of amplitude, often favouring material that falls on the fringes of sonic perception.