Lost Property celebrates 100 years of Dadaism @ Cafe Oto

NON PLUS ULTRA: Spawn of Dada 100 Years On
@ Cafe Oto 5th February 2015, 19:30

Marking 100 years to the day since of the debut Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich 1916, Lost Property presents an evening of performances and talks that draw on Dada as inspiration. Eschewing an overly retrospective approach – not least because Tristan Tzara’s original Dada Manifesto called for the “abolition of memory and archaeology” – they have instead picked a line-up of artists in whom some trace of the Dadaist sensibility can be felt:


Phil Minton
Sarah Kenchington
Blood Stereo
Ring Lock
Duncan Harrison
Thee Bald Knobbers
Thee Hairee Kuntz


Graham Duff
Dr Kersten Glandien


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